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Alarm School

How to take the Online Alarm School

The Lilburn Police Department responds to hundreds of false alarms every year. Nine out of ten (95%) of alarm calls results in a false alarm. This has become a very expensive burden to the Lilburn police department and we need your help to prevent false alarms. While our police officers are responding to false alarm calls, other residents with true emergencies are left to wait for police help. All of these false alarms can be prevented and we would like to ask everyone with an alarm system to complete this short online educational program. Completing this is quick, enlightening and reduces your alarm registration to only $10.

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Did you know? Almost all false alarms are preventable and alarm user education is the key to this prevention. User error and improper equipment maintenance are two primary reasons for false alarms and these false alarms cause the City of Lilburn, GA and its police department to incur unnecessary risks and expenses. Alarm School Online will help you, the permit holder, do your part to reduce these risks and expenses.